A devoted dog remains by its teacher’s coffin, moving mourners to tears with its loyalty.

Standing in front of the coffin of the revered professor, Buboy moved many present when he cried out painful sounds like he was crying. The dog even lingered in the coffin for a long time, then touched the photo with his front paw and patiently lay next to the coffin when he realized his friend was lying there.

The Philippine social network is currently spreading the touching story of the dog Buboy as it mourns for its companion – a respected professor who has just passed away.

It is known that Professor Carmelito Marcelo, 58, teaches at Mabalacat City University in Pampanga, Philippines. He has a very special four-legged companion named Buboy, who was a stray dog in Manila four years ago and was cared for by the professor above.

Buboy often goes to school every day and lies at the feet of the professor who plays with him on campus. Meanwhile, Professor Carmelito Marcelo always brings food to this four-legged friend.

However, one day Professor Marcelo suffered a stroke and was taken to the hospital but after a few weeks of intensive care he passed away on May 18. However, Buboy was completely ignorant and waited every day at the door of the classroom to wait for the professor, the expectant and disappointed eyes of Buboy made many lecturers and students heartbroken and sad.

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