A heartbroken Husky mourns uncontrollably at the tombstone of its owner, unable to cease sobbing in grief

The emotional connection between dogs and their owners is truly remarkable, as demonstrated by the heart-wrenching story of a grief-stricken dog struggling to cope with the loss of his beloved owner.

Wiley, a wolf-dog known for his devotion, found it incredibly challenging to comprehend the passing of his owner, Gladys. A poignant video captures the depth of his sorrow as he mourns beside her grave, unleashing uncontrollable wails and trembling with grief.

The video, which has resonated with thousands of viewers, showcases Wiley’s profound emotional distress as family members gather around, attempting to console him. One family member reaches out, offering words of solace, “We miss her too.”

Since being shared on YouTube by user SarahandtheWolves, the video has garnered over 9,174,611 views, touching the hearts of people worldwide.

Wiley is part of a group of military wolf-dogs that provide therapy for veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) upon their return from combat, as explained by the YouTube account SarahandtheWolves. These remarkable animals play a vital role in the rehabilitation and care of veterans through the Lockwood Animal Rescue Centre (LARC), which specializes in the well-being of wolf-dogs and horses.

To address concerns about Wiley’s health, SarahandtheWolves clarified, “I’m not a vet, so I can’t say if he’s reverse sneezing like some of you. I can assure you that he has never done it before and has not done so since. I may be anthropomorphizing his actions, but this is how I choose to cope with loss… Also, for those who say he’s dying, I assure you he’s not. The sanctuary has a veterinarian on site, and Wiley is doing great.”

The video serves as a poignant reminder of the profound bond between humans and their canine companions, showcasing the extent of grief and love that dogs can experience when their owners are no longer with them.

Watch the heart-wrenching video below, and prepare to be moved by the depth of Wiley’s emotions.

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