Abandoned in the Wilderness: A Heartbreaking Tale of a Lonely Struggle Against Illness and Despair

Various rescue organizations on the internet have shared the picture of this dog. A woman simply captured his image and posted it on her Facebook account.

The breed of our furry friend is an amstaff, and unfortunately, he is currently immobile and can only remain standing. The situation surrounding his condition remains a mystery, and we can only speculate on what may have caused it. There’s a possibility that he may have been shot previously, as he was found in a community located within the depths of the woods.

This little guy is just so cute, his tail is always wagging happily. It looks like someone had his ears cropped, which most likely means he used to have an owner who did that and then abandoned him.

Meet Alphonzo, the unfortunate fellow whose leg is causing him a lot of pain and discomfort. After undergoing x-rays, the doctors have confirmed that he has a tumor, which has left his leg horribly disfigured and emitting an unpleasant odour. Needless to say, Alphonzo is in a lot of agony.

Further examinations, including blood tests, a chest x-ray, and a CT scan, will be conducted by the veterinarian to determine any possible metastases. It is highly likely that amputation of his leg will be necessary.

He’s constantly wagging his tail and showering everyone with kisses. His hearty appetite is a good sign of his wellbeing.

After conducting a chest x-ray, it was found that there are no signs of metastasis. The patient is currently receiving an IV and will undergo a leg amputation. Although the blood work indicates anemia, immediate action is required to remove the affected limb without any delay.

After going through a long and tough surgery, Alphonzo’s front leg was amputated and a 6-kilo tumor was removed from his body. However, despite the difficult procedure, he managed to survive. Four days after leaving the clinic, he is doing great and proving to be a true warrior. Although he is currently anemic, we plan to fix this issue with proper nutrition and vitamin supplements. Currently, he is under the care of Merima, a veterinary nurse who is providing him with private foster care.

After undergoing a strenuous surgery, he managed to come out victorious and is set to lead a normal, delightful existence! We are optimistic that someday he will find a forever home with someone who loves and cherishes him just as much as they do themselves.

It’s been a month since Alphonzo was rescued and he’s doing fantastic. His wound is healing nicely and there have been no complications. He’s an absolute sweetheart and enjoys being around people, kids, and even dogs. Surprisingly, he doesn’t seem to mind cats at all!

he’ll be neutered. He’s a lively and active pup who loves to play and run around. As soon as the program starts again, we’ll have him neutered. He’s full of energy and enjoys playtime and running around.

I am optimistic that this little one will find a loving home soon. He is grateful for all the help he has received, including the exceptional care provided by Meri and Franjo.

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