Adorable dog that you will fall in love with at first sight

Adorable Perfection: Meet the Dog with the World's Most Wrinkled Fur, Radiating Unmatched Cuteness. _The dogs

At first glance, this super soft fur roll looks more like a folded blanket than a dog. Meet Harvey, a 6-month-old Shar Pei puppy with soft skin, owned by Teresa Moll Arguimbau, 22, from Menorca, Spain.

With his unique appearance, Harvey loves to be pampered from head to toe, including moisturizing to maintain his unique wrinkles.Arguimbau said, “I’m crazy about Harvey’s wrinkles and skin. It’s very soft, and the wrinkles are beautiful.”Arguimbau describes that every time Harvey drinks water, the water will flow through the wrinkles and Chloe, Harvey’s mother, has to clean it up by licking the water from the wrinkles.To maintain Harvey’s unique fur, Arguimbau has to regularly apply moisturizer twice a day.Shar Pei dogs originated from the Far East, which originally had few wrinkles on their skin, but over time, breeders have created more varieties.

Adorable Perfection: Meet the Dog with the World's Most Wrinkled Fur, Radiating Unmatched Cuteness. _The dogs

On social media, Arguimbau often shares adorable pictures of her family’s dogs. She also shares tips and ideas with other pet owners on how to care for their pets.

Шарпей Харви

Arguimbau said, “I don’t expect much affection from online friends, but I was surprised to discover a great community, a great family that I can chat and interact with every day. Thanks to that, I can exchange a lot of knowledge, learn many new things, andaove all, share Harvey’s daily life with everyone.”

Шарпей Паддингтон фото

Harvey loves to sunbathe and go to the beach, but his special skin is quite sensitive to sunlight.

Шарпей Паддингтон Инстаграм

Harvey’s photos attract the attention of netizens. Moreover, in real life, Harvey is also famous throughout the island where he lives.“Harvey also attracts a lot of attention in the real world. Living on such a small island where everyone knows each other makes Harvey very famous here,” Arguimbau said.Harvey has two siblings, Dona and Louis, but both have moved to new homes.In the early days of his life, Harvey had vision problems. Arguimbau had to take him to the vet to get checked and treated so he could see.

Шарпей Паддингтон Инстаграм

Arguimbau said, “Dona and Louis didn’t have vision problems, but Harvey did. Harvey has more wrinkles than his siblings. In the first two months, he couldn’t see anything. Every week, I took him to see the vet for treatment, antibiotics, and ointment. Fortunately, over time, Harvey gradually regained his vision, although one eye still can’t see clearly.”In conclusion, Harvey is a unique andaorable Shar Pei puppy with soft skin and wrinkles that attract attention both online and in real life. His owner, Arguimbau, takes great care of him and shares her knowledge and experiences with other pet

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