Canine Hero Rescues Visually Impaired Man from Subway Tracks

Cecil Williams was spotted showing affection to his guide dog, Orlando, while lying in a hospital bed after accidentally falling onto the subway tracks from the platform on Tuesday.

A guide dog in New York became a hero when he jumped onto subway tracks to save his blind owner who had lost consciousness and fallen off a platform. Now that the dog is retired, he is looking for a loving home. Ideally, his owner would like to have two dogs – one working guide dog and one retired pet. However, if this is not possible, the family that raised him as a puppy is more than happy to take him back. The organization, Guiding Eyes for the Blind, spoke to their spokeswoman, Michelle Brier, who said that the family is “absolutely thrilled” to have him back and are proud of the difference he has made.

According to Williams, he will not be able to afford taking care of a non-working dog and is currently searching for a good home for Orlando. Although Guiding Eyes provides free working dogs, they are unable to cover the expenses of retired dogs. After the Associated Press released an interview and photos of Williams with Orlando in his hospital room, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center has received numerous offers of financial assistance and other forms of help. The hospital has delegated these inquiries to Guiding Eyes, who have agreed to handle them. Williams has not yet decided whether he will keep both dogs and would require help paying for the care of the Lab if he decides to do so. According to Brier, Williams is currently going through a tough time and it is an extremely emotional and dramatic period for him.

Cecil Williams, a 61-year-old man, was interviewed while resting in his hospital bed after falling onto subway tracks from the platform at 145th Street in New York on December 17, 2013. Orlando, his guide dog, also survived the accident with no serious injuries. Fortunately, witnesses reported that Orlando barked and tried to stop Williams from falling, and even jumped onto the tracks to help him move out of danger. An organization is currently setting up a fund for Williams, which will be used for other guide dogs if he doesn’t need it. Information about the fund will be available on their website.

A brave dog comes to the rescue of a visually impaired man who fell onto the subway track. The man, identified as Williams, stated that he is starting to feel better, but he is unsure about how long he will be in the hospital. He shared that he still has some soreness on his head where the staples were placed and is experiencing some bruising on his body. The medical team is still conducting tests to determine the cause of his fall.

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