Dog showing affection and thanking owner with a warm hug when he was adopted from a homeless animal concentration camp

A simple embrace has enormous meaning.

Toro uses it as a way to communicate his deep love and thanks for being rescued from the misery he was previously living in.

The mistreated puppy was discovered tied to a fence in front of an abandoned building, and his rescuers think that he may have lived outside all of his life.

Toro is now secure, which is a blessing, and he wants everyone to know how grateful he is.

Toro was quite anxious and frightened when he first arrived at the shelter.

The dog wasn’t sure what to anticipate from his new surroundings after having spent so much of his existence alone, mistreated, and without affection.

But though he was shy and cautious, it was also clear that he was a very kind, gentle-hearted pup who just wanted to be a good boy.

Since arriving at the shelter, he’s slowly been trying to break out of his shell, and though he still gets anxious and overwhelmed sometimes, he’s already come a long way.

Because Toro is making every effort to let his rescuers know how much he loves and values them, despite struggling with his own inadequacies.

His tiny heart is so full of love for them because of how well they have treated him, that he simply needs to express it.

He’s started giving hugs to every one he encounters at the shelter as a result.

It all began one day as he was exercising in the play area of the shelter. He was having a great time playing in the fresh air when all of a sudden he turnedaound and ran back to Melissa Fogarty, a staff member who was keeping him company.

He climbed onto her lap and crushed his chest up against hers, enveloping her in the most exquisite hug imaginable.

Toro’s thoughtful and honest act startled and greatly, deeply affected Fogarty.

The embraces simply kept flowing after the initial one. Toro is currently giving out hugs nonstop and is making everyone’s hearts melt.

Toro clearly simply wants to express to everyone how appreciative he is for being bestowed with the love and care he has always desired and for being rid of his terrible and dismal background.

His only goal is to locate a steady home where he can feel safe and cherished. Now, Toro is looking for his perfect forever family.

However, now that Toro is beginning to receive some attention online, we’re confident that his future forever family will find him very soon and will instantly understand that they’re supposed to provide for him the life he was always destined to enjoy.

And until then, tiny Toro will continue to give out his enchanted hugs since he is so content and glad to have the whole shelter dote on him.

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