Get A Room! Calico Cat Smothers Her Best Friend With Love

Berenice is a calico cat that is so smitten with her canine sister Lucy that she smothers her with snuggles and head-bumps. It looks like there’s no shortage of love when these two buddies are together.

get a room 1

This calico beauty totally adores her doggie sister Lucy that there is an endless supply of cuddles.

get a room 1a

Lucy loves all this affection and offers the same love to her favourite feline.

get a room 1b

There’s never a shortage of kisses when these two are around.

get a room 1d

The force of love is strong within Berenice and Lucy.

get a room 1cget a room 1e

They live with Diana Hafemann, an animal lover and rescuer who astonished by the affection they share.

get a room 1f

They share their forever home with many other furry friends but these two are completely inseparable.

get a room 1g

A match made in heaven!

get a room 1h

All photos @Diana Hafemann

( h/t: CatsBeavers Ducks/LoveMeow )

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