Grateful for the wish that came true: the owner took the dog to the sea according to his wish, making everyone cry

Noah, a dog in critical condition, found hope and love when a foundation called Laika from the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico, came to her rescue.

Despite her painful tumors and sickness, the compassionate rescuers promised her a life filled with happiness. Noah experienced the best months of her life, surrounded by care and affection, before she crossed the rainbow bridge to the realm of dogs, where she now resides. On a rainy day, this poor dog could barely walk due to her long nails and was covered in tumors all over her body. However, her life took a turn for the better when Laika stepped in to provide the love and care she needed.

They save a dog that is suffering from tumors throughout his body.According to the Fundación Laika Protectora de Animales, A.C., this dog was rescued from a small cage on a wet day, her nails appeared like claws, and she pɩeaded and impɩored for aid with a mournful expression. What was wrong with her? She was so thin that you could see her bones and those lumps in her body.

The group immediately brought her to the vet for the struggle she had to improve her health; unfortunately, despite starting her treatment, the fact is that she had no cure; investigations revealed extensive arthritis, renal and heart problems.

She allowed herself to be loved and cared for by the volunteers, who were impressed by her courage and lavished her with hugs and attention. She had enough of food and drink in her saucer, and she felt loved.

They take Noah to the beach before he diesThey knew Noah wouldn’t live long because of the incurable sickness and arthritis, but they promised her that she would be loved, protected, and, most importantly, escorted until her final breath.

“If this is her last time in this world, she will be happy, full, and full of love.” May her voyage through laika be the finest thing that could happen to her after a life of loneliness, disease, and imprisonment.

This canine let her body cool off in the sea water, watched the sunset, and was with those who taught her that there are people in the world who have great hearts and take care of tiny creatures.

Goodbye Noah!The volunteers would have loved to see this tiny dog develop, possibly live with a family and live a more normal life, but Noah had to cross the rainbow; they saw he was suffering, so they said good-by.

The rescuers hugged her and praised her for teaching them about bravery as they watched her take her last breath and then go where suffering no longer existed.

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