Painful Moment: Dog’s Heart-Wrenching Suffering with Hundreds of Thorns Embedded in Its Mouth


Thor, the dog, was discovered by its owner impaled with hundreds of quills in sao paulo, Brazil. Hundreds of yellow quills covered the golden brown dog’s snout, forehead, nose, ears, and legs, according to photos.

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adriano Bertoline, an unemployed man, started an internet treatment campaign when he was unable to pay a veterinarian bill.

Dr. Jose Roberto apolari, a local councilman, stepped in to help, transporting Thor to a clinic and aiding with the expenses.


Thor, who was three years old at the time, is reported to have fought a porcupine for the second time in a year, suffering horrible wounds.

Bertoline issued an online appeal after discovering Thor impaled with porcupine quills, requesting assistance in healing him.

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‘Good morning, people…’ he tweeted. i awoke this morning to find my dog in this state… is there a clinic or veterinarian nearby that can assist him? ‘i’m scared i won’t be able to pay.’

Dr. Jose Roberto apolari, a councilman, noticed the dog owner’s request and decided to help.

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adriano said on Facebook, “Dr. apolari was an angel in my dog’s life because i couldn’t afford a private veterinarian.” i’m no longer working and have four children at home.’

adriano claims that the councilman took the dog to the clinic, helped with the expenses, and then returned Thor home.

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Thor’s owner claims that this is the dog’s second encounter with a porcupine in a year.

The porcupine’s condition after being assaulted by the dog was not immediately known.

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