Pitbull Gives Birth To A Huge Litter In Her Foster Home

A beautiful story comes from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, where female Pittie, Kaya, gave birth to sixteen amazing puppies! When she was first brought to RainCoast Dog Rescue, her foster dad, Jesse, and his partner, had no idea that she was even pregnant!

Once an abandoned Pittie that was slated to be euthanized, she’s now a beautiful mom to a whole bunch of puppies!

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Kaya Was Saved From Euthanization And Transferred To Her New Foster Home

Kaya was dropped off at a local shelter after she was found roaming the streets. After some time of being a shelter dog, she was slated for euthanasia, as nobody wanted to adopt her.

But then, Jesse and his wife spotted her and decided to foster Kaya until she found a forever home.

“She was at the shelter, slated to be euthanized. Nobody wanted her,” says Jesse.

pitbull dog lying on a duvet

Source: The Dodo

She was extremely skinny and malnourished when she first came into her new home in Vancouver Island, Canada. Jesse set up her feeding schedule and was inclined to get Kaya back on her feet!

Jesse Had No Idea She Was Pregnant

Her new family had absolutely no idea that she was pregnant! When she started putting on extra weight in her belly area, Jesse thought that he was just overfeeding her!

“We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. No one had any idea that she was pregnant… She started putting on weight in her belly area extremely fast, so I thought I was overfeeding her.”

But then, after a routine vet checkup, they found out that Kaya was pregnant!

“It was a huge shocker.”

She was expecting a litter, and even though her new foster parents were quite surprised by that, they were also very excited that Kaya was gonna become a mom!

Unexpectedly Big Litter And Tons Of Beautiful Puppies

nursing mother and her puppies

Source: The Dodo

The most amazing thing happened when Kaya started giving birth to her puppies! Her litter was not ordinary, as she gave birth to 16 Pittie babies, which was an unbelievably big number!

“It was fairly early in the morning, so I’m still thinking seven or eight puppies, she’s got this! It’s just gonna be a day thing and we will be done in time for dinner.”

It took her two whole days to deliver all the puppies, but she finally made it! Kaya, the brand new Pittie mom, was exhausted, but happy to finally be around her cute infants!

pitbull dog and her puppies around her

Source: The Dodo

Jesse and his wife decided to foster the entire family until they turned nine weeks old! Kaya taught them basic manners and even how to dig holes! She was of huge help in training them alongside Jesse.

pitbull dog with her puppies sniffing ground

Source: The Dodo

Eventually, almost all the puppies went to their furever home, but Kaya and her baby girl, Sefina, were kept by the family.

Kaya And Sefina Became Stay-In Family

two dogs on a leash walking on the beachSource: @kaya.sefina

Jesse and his wife decided to keep Kaya alongside one of her puppies – Sefina. Even though the plan was to foster Kaya until she was ready to meet her new pawrents, they just couldn’t let her go!

“After the pregnancy, I realized that we wanted to adopt her. She’s just so sweet! The cuddles, the kisses…”

two dog lying together in same bedSource: @kaya.sefina

Once an insecure shelter dog, Kaya’s now enjoying her little, pawfect life around her daughter and her amazing pawrents! We wish them a lifetime of happiness and lots of great memories!


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