Poor pregnant mother dog in pain and hunger after being abandoned by her owner for fear of giving birth, please save these little creatures

It was a sad sight to see the pregnant dog unable to locate food and coɩɩapsed at the dump. Her owner abandoned her because he did not want to cope with the responsibility of caring for her and her unborn puppies.

The proprietor believed that giving birth would be a dirty and expensive process, so he abandoned her in a remote location. The canine was in a pitiful state, and her large stomach prevented her from moving. She was fatigued and dehydrated as she lay beneath the scorching sun.

She is assisted by Melekler ehri Dernei, a compassionate individuaɩ who comforts and gives fortitude to this ailing mother.

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The unfortunate animal ate some…. She was attempting to avoid entering a stupor. The veterinarian examined her and discovered that she was infected with pagasites, but more significantly, puppies were moving within her abdomen.

Two days from now, she will give birth, as determined by an ultrasound conducted by the veterinarian. Despite her iɩɩness and malnutrition, the pregnant canine was determined to give birth to her puppies.

The dog went into labor shortly after receiving the necessary medication and nutrients to assist in her recovery. She endured a difficuɩt and excruciating labor and ultimately gave birth to a healthy litter of puppies.

The veterinarian and his staff made certain that the infants and their mother were properly fed and comfortable. Over time, the puppies grew sturdier, and the mother regained her vitality. Now that she was a mother, she took exceptional care of her children.

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