Reunion of Love: Blind and Elderly Dog Finds Owner After 3 Weeks Lost. A Touching Moment of Affection

“She means everything. I have 5 daughters, between the ages of 4 and 13, so they have spent every day of their lives with this dog,” said Lulu’s owner, Ted Kubacki.

Dogs are not simple animals, but these furry companions become people’s best friends and also one more member of their families , as important as any other. That is why it will have the same meaning if they are in trouble.

A situation that no family would want to go through dealing with the loss of their canine friend , because in these uncertain circumstances they do not know when they will be able to reunite with their pet and they know that they are in danger out there without guidance .

That was the ordeal of a family from Alaska , USA , who searched for Lulu , their elderly and blind golden retriever , for three weeks . Although they never gave up hope of finding her, each time it seemed more difficult.

Fortunately, a construction team in the town found the furry one, after they saw it in some bushes and thought it could be a bear , according to AP .

According to the Daily Sitka SentinelLulu, Lulu was barely alive, but her family is now nursing her back to health at home. They’re just thankful she made it back to them before it was too late. It’s a true miracle!

“She means everything to me. My five daughters, ages four to thirteen, have spent every day of their lives with this dog “Ted Kubacki, the owner of Lulu, stated.

“She’s so helpless , and you figure she can’t get very far because she can’t see,” he added.

Throughout this process they had to deal with different unpleasant scenarios, such as when some strangers made a bad joke about the location . All of her fear and hopelessness vanished when she received word that Lulu had been found.

“I called my wife from work and she was just screaming. She just started yelling, and then she starts yelling at the kids. And I can hear them screaming like hell “Kubacki explained.

Although she is not in good condition, the dog managed to kiss her owner when they met again .

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