Size Doesn’t Matter: Abandoned Tiny Cat and Giant Dog’s Friendship Evokes Admiration

Skywalker was surrendered to the veterinary hospital in May. He weighed less than a pound and was around three weeks old.

The small kitty was taken home by Kim Downie’s husband, who works at a hospital. Mojito, their Golden Retriever Dog, was immediately drawn to the kitten and began showering him with affection.

“She started kissing him immediately away. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to mind. He was immediately enamored with her and wanted to cuddle with her “Love Meow was informed by Kim.

Mojito soon assumed the role of mother, cleaning for him, cuddling with him, and ensuring that he was never alone.

For the first time, Skywalker was introduced on Bird TV!

Mojito had formed a relationship with another cat named Vader before they met. She’d follow the cat around the house until Vader surrendered and allowed her to bathe andaore him.

Skywalker has become Mojito’s new constant cuddling buddy, and she is overjoyed.

Skywalker adores his Canine mother and is unconcerned with the frequent attention.

“I believe he believes she is his mother at times. Mojito is an extremely affectionate person. She’s a therapy dog that like going to people’s homes. Skywalker is merely a wacky character “Love Meow was informed by Kim.

Mojito guards her kitten with her life.

She carries him around in her arms at all times.

She bathes him and cares for him like a mother would.

Skywalker never naps alone.

Their relationship became stronger as Skywalker increased in size.

Take a look at that massive thumb!

Watching Bird TV together is one of their favorite activities.

Nap time equals cuddle time.

Mojito has a lot to give in terms of affection. When she sees an animal or person in distress, she rushes to their aid, licking their faces and holding them in her arms.

Skywalker adores his Canine Mama and craves her affection.

They haven’t seen each other in seven months. The two pals are completely entwined.

Skywalker was three months old at the time…

Now is the time for Skywalker and Mojito!

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