The dog that failed the police exam because of the “too friendly interface” even joined the bad guys

In our impression when talking about “police dogs” will definitely be brave dogs, cold faces, chasing bad guys, right?

However , this dog “failed” the entrance exam to the police school twice because his face was too gentle and friendly, even grinning . Or meet bad guys, juggle and support people.


This is a picture of a “special student” of the school :)))

In Nevada, USA, a police dog training school recruited a group of “trainees”, all puppies about 2 months old. This puppy is a German Shepherd dog


After more than a month of rigorous training, professional lectures, they have to go through tests such as biting, sniffing, etc. However , the individual student in the photo is getting further and further away from you in terms of achievement.


The worst and funniest is the bite test, this old dog seems to be afraid of the bad guys getting hurt, biting very lightly, not even as good as a mosquito bite . Even afraid of the bad guys startling, biting tiptoely and then looking with friendly eyes.

Teachers are also speechless! The policeman exclaimed “why do you agree with the bad guys?”


Although the body is healthy, passing the physical tests, but every test “dealing with the bad guys” is full of craziness.

Even the second time he saved, he wagged his tail enthusiastically at bad guys like his friends :)))

Another dog is just as close:


After only the first month of training, this trainee dog was “beaten” and left the school with a suitcase

So where will its fate go now? Most of the rejected dogs will be registered on the adoption website. This puppy will be taken home by the policeman . This dog named Cako is not happy because he heard that he “smack”


Although he was relegated, the policeman seemed to like and love Cako very much. Although he “lost his job”, when he got into the car, Cako showed interest, squinted his eyes and smiled and obediently sat in the passenger seat.


Did the puppy intentionally drop the rank? The policeman is wondering if this old man wants to run away from work, wants to stay with me?

So people and dogs happily drove each other home, promising both to have a lively new life

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