The once-rescued dog lovingly adopted an orphaned piglet and raised it as his own

Surviving is never easy for a newborn animal without its parents. Babies of any species are vulnerable and don’t have what it takes to last a day. They need food, warmth, cover, and care from mature individuals that are not always from the same clan. It’s hard to believe, but sometimes, incidents like this happen. Scroll down to read the story from start to end!

In 2009, in Hoerstel, Germany, Roland Adam, 54, a property developer, and his wife Edit, 44, a bank worker, kept a pair of breeding Vietnamese pigs. They gave birth to a litter of five in Adam’s forest. Then, Roland found a two-week-old tiny pot-bellied pig, Paulinchen, all alone and cold. He brought her home because he was afraid foxes would hunt the poor creature down when the night came.

Adam’s rescued dog, Katjinga, an eight-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, had just finished with a litter of her own, which were ten months, so Roland thought the mom canine could take care of the piglet. Amazingly, he was right. Katjinga immediately fell in love with Paulinchen and treated her as if they were family.

The two animals lived together on a huge 20-acre farm, one of Adam’s properties. The wolfing mom cleaned the baby’s bacon and gave her milk when hungry. After being full and sleeping safe and sound, Paulinchen became a genuine sausage dog and nuzzled up to her new mum. The giant farm dog and the tiny piglet cuddled up as they were regarded as mom dog and her piggy baby.

It was a lovely and heartwarming story about the lucky piglet that went viral at the time. Internet users are charmed by the motherly love and compassion of the pooch. They mostly felt heart-enlighted, even though some were worriedaout the little piggy girl growing up thinking she was a dog. Besides, Ridgebacks could be an aggressive breed, so the little grunter should be put an eye on.

After all, nobody denied Katjinga deserved the title Mom Of The Ye ar and wished the best thing to her and her edition. How about you? Expose your thought in the comment box below! If you are uplifted by the story, please like and share it with your animal-loving pals, and check out some more on our site!

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