The Tender Tale of a Helpless Puppy Finding Sanctuary in an Unlikely Pot

Picasso, a five-year-old dog, was born with a jagged nose. His one-year-old best friend, was mauled by his mother when he was a puppy. He was born without a top jaw.

Two dogs with severe facial deformities are inseparably in love.

The profound connection between Picasso and amphibians has been revealed by 53-year-old Liesl Wilhardt, the organization’s founder and manager.

Despite having significant facial deformities, both canines live happily on 55 acres of land in Oregon, USA.

Picasso was taken by Liesl in 2017 when his sibling passed away, and then Amphibian in 2021. The two soon became inseparable.

Amphibian, who was born shortly after Picasso and is now 5 years old, was given no upper jaw after his mother bit him. Picasso was born with a jagged nose.

Despite the daily struggles they have as a result of their deformities and Amphibian’s medical concerns, the duo today leads a very happy existence.

We enjoy seeing them together in a number of videos that document their daily activities. Including feeding, playing, strolling, and especially enjoying berries.

Picasso’s survival as a newborn was a miracle, Liesl said, “because he would have struggled to also nurse from his mother.”

Numerous other difficulties have been faced by Newt, most of which are unconnected to the absence of his upper jaw.

Picasso and Amphibian both enjoy interacting with people; as a result, they are outgoing, seek attention from others, and value friendliness. Most individuals perform a second take right away and then turn to look at the dogs while attempting to make sense of what they are seeing.

They’ve learned to deal with their physical limitations and aren’t in pain. They can pretty much achieve anything they want.

Picasso has always adored Newt since he is so adorable and enjoys playing and wrestling.

“As Newt grew older, our bond grew stronger.”

“Picasso and Newt are two incredibly affectionate, happy, witty, and entertaining dogs. I really like them both.”

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