Touching: The dog reuniting with its owner at the hospital after a year of treatment, the warm embrace from the dog touched the hearts of many witnesses

This man just wanted to hug his dog again: he spent a year in the hospital without seeing him

After a year of hospitalization without seeing his beloved dog, this man finally managed to hug him again. He didn’t want anything else, he just wanted to hold his best friend to him again.

cane e uomo in ospedale

Roberto, that’s what this man is called, was hospitalized for a year at the Niguarda in Milan. In all this time, he never got to see his dog Bulk and missed him every and man in the hospital

“I would love to see my dog Buk“, this was his only wish. For a long time he had thought of nothing but this. He just wanted to have his best friend back in his arms, but his journey was long and complex.

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Despite the improvements, he is still hospitalized. The nurses and OSS of the Orthopedics and Traumatology department of Niguarda who were close to Roberto throughout his hospitalization, however, decided to make his greatest wish come and human in the hospital

“When he let himself go to a moment of despair, the team wanted to take the opportunity to listen to his silent request and, almost a year later, give him the joy of being able to hug his four-legged friend again.” , reads the post published by the hospital.

cane in ospedale

Thus, in agreement with the Management, the nurses and the OSS did everything possible to make Roberto embrace his beloved dog again. Bulk arrived at the hospital and as soon as he saw the human he of him, he couldn’t hold back his in the hospital

The emotion of the moment melted the hearts of all those present, so much so that even the staff of the department let themselves go to emotion. After a year in the hospital, Roberto was finally able to see his dog Bulk again. He wanted nothing else and with a small gesture, the hospital managed to make his big dream come true. The love of a four-legged is real medicine!

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