With a missing tail and a past of pain, an abused puppy’s tale takes a turn as he finds a happy ending, a symbol of second chances and healing

This is the story of Shortly, a puppy who was foundaong Pasir Ris Farmway with his tail missing. The wound was surrounded by maggots, indicating that the poor puppy had been left untreated for some time. Shortly was immediately taken to the vet for treatment, where it was suspected that the tail was deliberately cut off in a case of abuse.

After four days of treatment, Shortly’s condition began to improve. On the fifth day, a kind-hearted individual named Ewan Kuah bought toys for Shortly and helped pay off the medical expenses. Shortly’s caregivers expressed their gratitude for his generosity.

On the sixth day, Shortly continued to recover, and on the seventh day, he was discharged from the veterinary hospital and taken home to recuperate. Due to the need for rest and recovery, visitors were denied access to Shortly for the time being. His caregivers thanked everyone who prayed and offered to foster or adopt him.

Ten days after Shortly’s discharge, the happy news arrived that he had been adopted into a loving home. A year later, Shortly is living a happy life with full care and love. Thanks to the kindness and care of many people, he has a happy ending after a rough start to his life.

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